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Announcement of Spring Lecture Series titled "Leisure, Life Goals and Community" as part of the RBC Lecture Series

Schedule of interview-discussions held at the Royal Bank Auditorium in Place Ville Marie as part of the Royal Bank noontime lectures.

Programme of a panel discussion as part of the RBC noontime lecture series that was set to take place November 12, 1968 at the Royal Bank Auditorium…

Pamphlet for 2nd series of noontime lectures in collaboration with the Royal Bank of Canada

Sessions to explore the dialectic between knowledge of personal types and wisdoms for action.

A series of presentations on our society and ourselves with the underlying new fact being the computer.

A weekly interview/presentation that explores questioningly "personal action in community"

"A series of interview-discussions on the changes to man-in-society and on possible responses to these changes." Presented by the Institute in…

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